The Governor of Florida is threatening to withhold pay from school superintendents who defy his ban on mask mandates.

Meanwhile, 6,000 children in Louisiana have Covid, cases have doubled in just four days.

Alberta is being called Canada’s Florida because it is the only place in the Western world that has removed all safeguards. “Learning to live” with Covid while the Delta variant – which seems to be attacking young children – surges.

In Ontario, I have an 11 year old child who cannot be vaccinated.
We are very lucky in a lot of ways: We live in the most vaccinated community in the province – according to the last statistics I saw.

My kid is going to be going to a small school that stops at Grade 6, so all the students in the school will be unvaccinated, and I have no reason to believe anything but that all the teachers in that school will be doing everything they can to protect all their students.

And still when I think about sending them in the fall – which I am desperate to do, because it has been three years since they has been in regular school -I am so scared.

I am just so fucking scared and I am so ANGRY. All of these people who are thinking only of themselves. Who decide they don’t need to be vaccinated and they don’t need to wear a mask and they’ll be fine.

God Dammit.

Care about other people. Care about someone outside of yourself.

I want restrictions for the people who have decided that they don’t care about putting the rest of us in danger – except we know that they lie and cheat and in some cases they’re in charge.

How do we get out of this place?

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