I’ve been thinking a lot about the second part of our quarantine. We’re not officially shut down in the city, but our family is certainly going back to stage one.

There are cupboards and drawers that I sorted in March that I’m going to be re-organizing again. There are goals I set myself that I’m going to be re-setting.

This time, as we head into winter, I want to set intentions.

The kid and I completed a 5k a couple of weeks ago and I signed myself up for the Run for Ruth – 87 miles in honour of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I’m doing it slowly, checking off day to day, and so far I’m up to 11 miles.

When I exercise I feel better, I just need to do the thing, In the winter it’ll be one thing to keep me warm. It’s also one thing that will make my back feel better.

Right now I seem to have one week of good and one week of ‘let’s just get through this.’

I’ve got a hat I started knitting in March that I’d like to finish in time for the kid to actually wear it in the cold weather, and I finally cast on a shawl that I’ve wanted to make since I saw Little Women in the theatre.

The kid and I started sewing a few weeks ago because she’s been wanting to learn, and I’ve decided that I’m going to give a quilt a go, because I might as well.

I’ve been doing some art classes and I want to continue to do that because I find it very meditative, and I sometimes like the results.

I’m also glad to be focusing on my job and what I can be doing to make my job better. There are so many things that I want to learn that I don’t even know what they might all be. I’ve gone from contract to permanent and I keep forgetting. This is what I get to do for the foreseeable future, and I want to excel at it. I want everyone around me to know that I know my shit.

I desperately want to make Christmas everything my kid wants it to be, given that it won’t be anything normal. For two years Christmas has been very hard, and this one isn’t going to plan either. Part of me doesn’t want to care at all, but the other part wants me to get excited because she is, and she deserves that from me.

I honestly don’t know where the months have gone.

I’m so thankful for social media, because it means I get to be constantly reminded that I have friends and they are great people, and most of them are out in the world doing great things and raising great kids – and there is the possibility that this might just all turn out alright.

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