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Women's Issues Work

A woman’s worth

Lauren Dobson-Hughes is the first person I met in my work with the NDP. She worked in Dawn Black’s office when I started volunteering there, and she moved to Caucus Services not long after I started working there. Lauren is fascinating. She’s British, and follows both UK and Canadian politics passionately. She is someone who …

Women's Issues Work

The Minister’s Wife

When I learned that Defence Minister Peter MacKay had married this woman – Nazanin Afshin-Jam – and started hearing a little bit about her, I immediately wanted to know more about her. The newspapers trumpeted her beauty, her acting and singing career, her life as a beauty queen. If you read a bit further, you …

Personal Work

Dear Jack,

It would have been your birthday last week, and next month will be a year since you passed. I will never forget checking my Blackberry that morning and seeing the statement from Olivia, Sarah and Mike and realizing right away that something was terribly wrong. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been so long, but really I …


The Blame Game

It seems as though whenever something terrible happens – like the so-called Danzig shooting in Toronto July 16 – someone decides that the problem is absentee fathers. By which they mean that the problem is single mothers. They call this the breakdown of family and of society, but single mothers have existed for a long …


On mandatory minimums

There was a terrible shooting at a street party in Toronto. Two people, including a teenage girl, were killed and 19 more were injured. The shooting has caused outrage in the city and concern in other parts of the country, especially coming so soon on the heels of the Eaton Centre shooting. The Public Safety …


7 Reasons Men Rule in Politics

Joanne Bamberger and her blog PunditMom were part of the inspiration for this site. I contacted Joanne and she allowed me to cross-post this post from January 2012 that I thought fit pretty well with the theme here: –– 7 Reasons Men Rule in Politics Sat, January 14, 2012 2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, …

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