Don't just live in the world


June 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on Participating)

I have long been a fan of Participaction. The ads with Hal and Joanne have been running since I was a kid and I have long been trying to ‘get fit and have fun.’ I am very proud to have a daughter who loves various kinds of exercising and is building her strength while having …
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The worst approach

June 5th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on The worst approach)

At the end of last year the federal Conservative government faced a challenge – the Supreme Court had decided that the way prostitution were being ‘managed’ was unconstitutional, and the government had to draft a new bill. They worked for months, consulting the public and experts, looking at how other governments had handled the issues. This week …
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Power up your email

April 30th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on Power up your email)

I work with a lot of different people who communicate in many different ways, and I talk with them mostly through email, though some prefer face to face meetings or phone calls, which I try to figure and adjust to. Still, email is undeniably the main place for communication and communicating professionally is something people …
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Scenius stealing

April 13th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Tools | Work - (Comments Off on Scenius stealing)

In his new book Show Your Work (the follow up to Steal like an Artist, hence the title of this post), Austin Kleon argues that most great thinkers did not do their thinking alone. It is impossible to be creative by yourself, you need other thinkers to talk things out with. That’s the scenius Kleon …
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A space for work

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on A space for work)

One of the most important things when working from home is having a proper office space. You need a place to switch yourself into office mode, and some days a laptop at the dining room table just isn’t going to do it. (Though some days it will have to). One of the great benefits of …
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Do you mentor?

March 31st, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Learning | Work - (Comments Off on Do you mentor?)

Reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book made me think a lot about a lot of things. One of the most interesting things was her chapter Are You My Mentor? where she talks about what women are doing wrong when it comes to finding mentors. “If someone has to ask the question, the answer is probably no.” She says …
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Steve Paikin, well-respected host of TVO’s The Agenda, wrote a blog post about his show’s struggles to find female panelists. He says his producers aim for gender parity but struggle to get women that they contact to say yes. Paikin lists several “excuses” these women give them for not wanting to come on to speak …
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C-23: Need to know basis

March 15th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on C-23: Need to know basis)

Bill C-23: An Act to Amend the Canada Elections Act, also known as the Fair Elections Act – or the Unfair Elections Act if you live outside the Conservative Party. The act has been criticized heavily on all sides – by current and former politicians, including Preston Manning, the elder statesman of the current CPC, …
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March 14th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Work - (Comments Off on 5Ws)

At the most recent #MomBizMondays Twitter chat one of the moderators mentioned something about the ‘how vortex.’ Don’t get caught up in the how, she said, focus on the what and the why. Defining myself in my business has been something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I’ve been granted the title of entrepreneur, …
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Be your own muse

March 10th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Books | Work - (Comments Off on Be your own muse)

I love finding pieces that make me think about the way I work in unexpected places. Since being my own boss is something that I’m still fairly new at I look for inspiration all over the place, but sometimes it just finds me. Having just finished Lean In and having a lot to think about …
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