To be otter-like

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This morning we took a very long cab right across the Brooklyn Bridge and into the far reaches of the island to visit the New York Aquarium. Had I done my research we would have taken the subway to get there – as it was we only figured out the subway back. The Q train […]

November 5, 2018

What’s Inside


The first musical I saw was Phantom of the Opera in 1991 or 1992 at the Pantages Theatre in downtown Toronto. The first musical I took my daughter to see was Matilda, in the same theatre in Toronto, now renamed. I think the first musical I showed her (that wasn’t animated) was Annie – the […]

November 5, 2018

Empire State of Mind


A few weeks ago my husband told me that he might have to go to New York City for work. I told him we were going with him. We leave tomorrow. I first visited New York about a year ago. That trip took a few months of planning, research, pre-buying tickets for the top shows. […]

November 2, 2018


Health, Parenting, Personal

I think I’m going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo again this year. I think. Because the past few months have been full of surprises. Honestly. In May we started talking about possibly maybe moving. And then slowly and all of a sudden we sold our house and moved to a new one. Moving […]

November 1, 2018

Juggling along

Health, Parenting, Personal

When she was littler, I believed in my instincts when it came to my kid. She wasn’t always easy, but I was great with her and could usually calm her down, figure out what was wrong and fix it or at least distract. Above all else I believed I was a good mother and we […]

October 24, 2018

Ontario kids deserve better

Health, Issues, Parenting

The thing that perhaps upsets me most about the debate around Ontario’s health and physical education curriculum (you know, the sex ed one) is that there are parents out there who don’t want their children to have as much information as possible. There are parents who don’t want their children to know the proper names […]

July 18, 2018

Try and try again

Parenting, Personal

The kid is in her first week of a long camp this week. It is full of things she’s never done before. On the Monday she came home excited. On Tuesday she seemed fine when I picked her up. And then on Tuesday night she started thinking all the negative things she could possibly thing. […]

July 12, 2018

False starts

Health, Parenting

I am attempting morning pages – three pages of stream of consciousness writing soon after you wake up – to try and push myself forward a bit. I have been rather stuck. Stuck or falling further behind where I want to be. Losing myself. Part of that is the move, but part of it is […]

June 19, 2018

Child of summer

Parenting, Personal

On Saturday there was much activity at our house. We had a community garage sale, and then cleaning and showings because we’re on the market (which sucks). In the morning my daughter got up, got dressed and helped her Daddy set up for our own sale. By mid-morning her friends were up and out and […]

June 5, 2018

Love of self


I left the house early this morning, which is rare since I work from home. I had a meeting downtown and my husband was staying home with the kid for her PD Day off from school. I got up, got dressed, and went in to say goodbye to her. I won’t see her until late […]

February 16, 2018