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Learning Personal Work

Doodle fiercely

I was reading this book Fierce Conversations, which is supposed to be about achieving success at work and in life, but I’ve been really struggling to get through it, and I think today was the final straw. There was a section about hosting a meeting, and it suggested starting off by asking everyone to put …

Issues Learning

Listen and Learn

I have taken to listening to podcast that teach me about cultures different than my own. I’ve loved podcasts for a long time, and they’re a great place to learn. I listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which keeps me informed on the news of the week. I used to listen to This American …


The Language of Campaigns

Joe and I spend the better part of the weekend at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit. (Joe there for work, me there for self interest). Two of the most interesting talks I saw over the course of the weekend were the ones featuring dissenting voices – Tim Powers and Monte Solberg, who are well-known Conservative …

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