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Canadiana Personal

I remember

Remembrance Day is always a time of ghosts. I have always felt heavily the sacrifices that were made. Maybe more heavily than ever right now, as the world marches in what seems to be the wrong direction. I knew from a young age that my grandfather had gone to war. He and his two brothers …

Canadiana Personal

This is our home

I find it difficult to vacation. I find it difficult leaving work behind. I like to be in control of the things I should be controlling and leaving someone else to take care of things is incredibly hard. I find it difficult too to be away from the news. I hate not knowing what’s happening …

Canadiana Learning

Always remembering

After we cleaned out my father’s house I became the de facto keeper of papers. Mainly because I have them, and room to store them. I also volunteered to scan all the pictures that we found around the house – hundreds of family pictures, slides. We found, in a bag, the things my father had …

Canadiana Issues

The Political and The Self

I read a snippet of a column this morning written by a well-known, and apparently still widely read, Globe and Mail columnist. This snippet was from a column about public perception of Jason Kenney, former federal minister and newly elected leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta. The UCP. Reminiscent of the CRAP. (The …

Canadiana Personal


Two things came together in my various timelines today that made me think back. The first was a reminder, on Facebook, that on this day six years ago Jack Layton held his final press conference. It is a day I remember vividly, as I had been planning to take it off, but I got a …

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