Yesterday there was a car accident very near where I grew up. There is a bridge that cars, bikes and pedestrians cross and at the edge of that bridge a lot of cars turn right. Many of the cars that turn right there don’t shoulder check – that’s why more than one cyclist has been hit there. That’s what happened yesterday.

Someone I follow on Twitter was nearby that bridge at some point after the accident and he decided to take some videos, because all he could see were distracted drivers. He posted a series of videos with drivers, near the scene of an accident, on their phones, looking at their phones, with their phones in their hands.

It’s this whole thing of people not really thinking about other people around them. That’s what’s been getting to me through this whole pandemic, through the convoy in Ottawa, the anti-vax people that started even before then, the way people vote…

The more people who decide that everyone is in it for themselves, the worse off we’ll be.

It’s what’s happening, and you can’t blame people – you see billionaires with more money than they could spend in a dozen lifetimes not doing anything helpful with it, while people on the other end of the spectrum are literally choosing death over the dire poverty they’re forced to live in.

We have small children being slain in their classrooms and politicians respond by changing nothing. they do, however, ban drag shows.

Instead of taking action on climate change – and the many major weather disasters we’re seeing across the country and the globe – politicians are worrying themselves with bitcoin, appeasing racists, and tearing down our most vulnerable kids.

I have a great deal of simmering anger and a great desire to act for change. I see it in other people I know too. There has to be social change – and we’re not going the way the social conservatives want us to go. That’s backwards.

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