That was a whole year. So much happened and didn’t happen that I find it hard to believe some of them happened less than six months ago.

Like moving – we moved houses in May. That seems unbelievable. Changeover at work. A federal election. All in the last six months. Ridiculous.

At the beginning of the year I set a bunch of goals – I wanted to read 60 books, I created a 2021 journal, I started January off doing something crafty every day, for a while I did morning pages or left my phone alone and started my day reading.

It all fell apart.

My mental and physical health has been torn apart because I just couldn’t keep up with all the stuff. The stuff that doesn’t stop coming. And now I have one week of vacation left in this new year and I’m hoping desperately that I can get back to some kind of normal before it all wears me down again.

We’re about 12 hours in and my provincial government is making that very, very difficult – because I don’t want young children across the province put at risk of death or long-term effects of a virus that can be nothing or very, very bad at the toss of a coin, and they do.

Usually I spent December 31 cleaning, taking care of myself, getting ready to enter the new year fresh and ready and new. This year I didn’t. I didn’t do my face mask or shave my legs or clean the house. I’m not treating today as though it’s a defining day for the rest of the year.

Last January 1 I thought we were on our way to something that was going to turn out okay and then everything got harder. This year, I will take every day as it comes, try to step back and take care of myself and not feel this angry all the time, but rise up and fight when the fighting is good.

I go into 2022 with my ancestors: The Forsyths family motto is ‘Restorer of Ruins,’ the Fergusons family motto is ‘sweeter after difficulties.’ (The meaning of the name Coulter is ‘a safe place to store cows’).

The root of the name Scanlon is ‘Contention’ and the roots of the name Goddard are ‘good’ and strong.’

You can’t get me.

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