This weekend I decided to put all Beatles albums into one playlist on Spotify – which was probably an unnecessary thing for me to do since Spotify probably already has that sort of thing ready and waiting, but I did it anyway. Yesterday I dropped the kid at a thing and I went off to do errands of my own and I put on my playlist.

I was a beautiful fall day, I got some things done, I remembered things I needed to do, I got some time to myself and I had the perfect soundtrack.

I became a Beatles fan at age 13 when my mother gifted me Help! for my birthday – the movie, not the album. A Hard Days Night, the movie, came next and then EVERY ALBUM came after that. Also posters, t-shirts, trading cards, books. Action figures.

Ringo was my favourite because he was goofy, then John was my favourite because he was so deep – now I think he was a bit of a dick and I just wish more people would actually listen to the lyrics of Imagine. Paul was never my favourite (though he was always my mother’s).

Now that I’m older I can decidedly say that George was probably the best of all of them.

I certainly don’t remember all of the facts about the band that I used to know, but I can sing along to every song that comes up. And actually, while I was driving around it was all faster beats – none of this Hey Jude or Norwegian Wood just now, give me Get Back and I Should Have Known Better. Though I did let A Day in the Life roll.

This is good, solid music that I know and love. It doesn’t change. There’s nothing new and unexpected. They’re not going to release a disappointing new album. I don’t feel sad that I didn’t get a ticket for their new tour. The Beatles are a known quantity that I can trust for any mood.

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