There is something very pleasing about sitting in a room as the sun slowly sets and everything gets slowly dimmer.

Something about sitting on the deck when there’s a chill in the air and coffee in my cup.

Getting to a point in a book when you just want to find out how it all ends. Finding out a favourite author is releasing something new. Going into a bookstore and having something grab your attention.

Filling up the bathtub with bubbles and settling in with a good book.

Sitting around a real outdoor fire and smelling the wood burning.

Taking a walk around the neighbourhood in the sunshine.

I don’t enjoy meditation. I don’t do much yoga right now. I am not good at sitting quietly. But I have figured out a few things that centre me and soothe me.

I try to write in my journal, I draw in my sketchbook, I watch funny British television. But when I had a week off of work, I spent time thinking about things – just thinking, writing down, mapping out.

This week I had reached a point in my day when I just didn’t know what to do next. So I took the dog for a walk outside. It was a beautiful day and it was just the right thing to do.

One morning this week, instead of getting into my emails right away, I decided to draw some flowers that I can paint later.

Last weekend I spent some time on the couch finishing my book, because I was enjoying it and I wanted to see how it played out.

Today I bought some new books, including one about Newfoundland knits, because I want to knit new and more difficult things this winter.

I want to sit on my couch in front of the fire, covered in a warm blanket, knitting interesting mittens and fun hats. And when I’m not knitting, I shall be reading mysteries and biographies and books that were recommended by the manager at our local independent bookstore.

I’m also hoping to fill a few notebooks of my own. Journalling, writing, planning out the next stages of my life, learning new things.

And I will also probably watch some ridiculous British television.

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