Coming out of election is like coming slowly back to the surface after being underwater. It’s disorienting, the journey to the surface exhausts you.

After the 2008 election I had three weeks off and I feel ready to go back after that. One week to sleep, one week to catch up and come back to the world, and one week that feels like vacation.

This week I started off well on Monday, I slowed down on Tuesday and thought ‘it’s only Tuesday’ a lot. And then on Wednesday I took two naps. Thursday I really threw down and took a nap before going out for dental surgery. So spending the last two days of this part of my vacation with pain, swelling and a half a mouth I can’t use. Also limiting the things I can eat.

Brilliant move.

I made to-do lists at the beginning of this week and I have done very little checking off.

The thing about the election and the exhaustion is all the thinking that comes along with it. Every election there was turnover. People leave because being in politics for too long wears you down.

I left the Hill in 2012 and it took until I started my Master’s program in 2015 to remember how engaged I get when it comes to politics. There are moments that I hate it so much – during this election that I hated it so much – that it’s almost impossible to believe I could dedicate so much of myself to this stupid system. But I do. I keep doing it. Because it matters.

I believe it matters and I believe we can do better.

Now I’m using all the thinking that comes along with the election exhaustion to figure out my piece of the puzzle. How do I make sure that we do it better and I can I work to help other people believe that it can be better?

So many things could be better for so many people.

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