All through January I was taking part in the #MakeDontBreak challenge that got me doing a little bit of something every day – sketching and water colour, some painting with acrylics, knitting, and the piecing of my first ever quilt top.

There were days when I knit a couple of rows just to get it in and say I’d done something every day, but a lot of days I did more than just a bit – such that I finished that quilt top by the end of the month despite many mistakes, ripped stitches and re-dos.

But the challenge was through January and then came February, and here we are coming to the end of this month and I’ve made little to nothing at all, and I’ve found it missing.

I have taken to doing a bit of digital art, but it’s just not the same.

And so that will be a focus for March.

Just as part of February was figuring out that in the mornings after waking I like to do one of two things: Get up and get on the treadmill or read for a while and then write in my journal.

I realized at the beginning of February that I had fallen out of journalling at in January and that’s something major for my mental health. You wake up, write out all the stuff in your head and then you don’t have to carry it all for the day.

I have taken the first week of March off work, because it may be my last chance to take any real time off until at least June, maybe July. My goal is to do the quilting part of the quilt, watch some online classes, do a lot of reading and quite possibly watch a lot of TV and movies while I knit, quilt and paint.

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