“What vision do I hold that gets me excited about what’s possible?”

This was a prompt as part of #MakeDontBreak that caught me. Stopped me reading. What vision do I hold that gets me excited about what’s possible?

Generally I consider myself a pessimist and a cynic, but when I think about the work I do and the work I’m drawn to – I must believe that there are people out there who believe, like me, that we can do better.

That we can treat each other better and that community and society at large matters.

I have started reading Stacey Abrams’ book and in the forward she says: “Once we recognize that a wrong exists, we must fight to change it every day.”

In fact, she says many things in the book that I want to write down and put on my desk – and I’m only in the first chapter.

What vision do I have about what’s possible? I have a world of people around me – people I get to work with, hear speak, read about – who show me what’s possible.

How dare I not believe that things can change for the better when there are people putting their lives on the line because they know things HAVE to get better.

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