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January 14th, 2021 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Uncategorized

I’m doing this creating challenge through January to encourage myself to get my hands dirty a little more often, and today’s prompt was “What does belonging mean to you?”

So while I was doing my morning pages – another habit I’m trying to get in to – I started thinking about that. What does it mean for me to feel like I belong. My thoughts turned to the current team at my office, a group of friends I talk to on Facebook.

It turns out, the best explanation I could come up with is that belonging for me means I can let my quirk out. I can present myself as who I have come to be instead of trying to hide the pieces I don’t think are “professional” or suited to my age.

I have been fortunate to come across people in my life who understand that it’s okay to be a bit of a mess sometimes. It’s okay to not feel comfortable in makeup and never choose high heels.

The Vice-President elect wears Converse regularly. I think I’m okay to keep doing what I do.

I can decorate my home office with all of the things that make me happy and feel proud, not embarrassed, when people see it all on zoom calls.

Perhaps most importantly, I can raise a kid to be weird from the get-go and encourage her to explore all the things to find what she really loves, and find her people.

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