I feel like a good, old school hibernation. It seems unlikely at this point that I’ll be working out of my office again any time soon, and that means hunkering down and making the best of it.

One of my favourite things about working from home in the past was not having to worry about commuting in storms or being outside in freezing temperatures. I will relish that again this year.

You know what isn’t appropriate office wear? Slipper socks.

On Saturday we’re getting the couch and chair that we bought over the summer (finally) and I’m very excited to take my fuzzy blanket to my new recliner and hang out in front of the fire with all the books I can carry.

The kid has taught herself to crochet, and wants to learn to sew a few things, so we will have arts and crafts time on the weekends and maybe I’ll even finish the hat I started knitting in June. We have patterns and fabric to try some pyjama bottoms, as well as our own masks and scrunchies.

I am hoping that hunkering down for the winter months (probably into January at least?) will mean that I get to those things I mean to do – the online courses I’ve bought myself to learn more about watercolour and illustration. Maybe I’ll succeed at NaNoWriMo this year.

And, of course, there will be lots and lots of comfort baking.

All of this is important because I have two other goals for the coming months: Save money and get into an exercise routine.

I had a good go at a routine – waking up, getting on the treadmill before my coffee at my desk. It worked for a few weeks, and then chaos ensued. Of course, quite a lot of the last few months has been chaos.

Not only because of the whole global pandemic, political upheaval, school chaos, etc. My work has been extremely, fulfillingly busy. The last six months has been an exhausting mis-mash of the best and the worst. I would like, if I can, to come to some sort of balance.

I know *real* balance is unlikely, but I would dearly love to come out of this situation with some knowledge about what I need and what I can do to give myself (and my family) whatever that turns out to be.

If, at the end of the pandemic – or whatever ending we come to – I have more skills, more awareness, more routine and more of an ability to take care of myself and those around me, it will have been time well spent.

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