Frank has now been part of our family for almost two months. He seems to be quite comfortable with us and we have all grown quite fond of him. He’s a very good dog. If a bit vocal.

He’s had a few trips to the vet now and a good haircut. But the haircut made him look even more like our Henry.

He looks like Henry’s ghost. Sometimes I catch sight of him out of the corner of my eye and I forget. He even manages to sound like our Henry.

We’ve all talked about guilt. We feel guilty for falling in love with this new dog. We grieve our dear puppy but we play with our new one. We talk to him and cuddle him.

We knew that no one could ever replace Henry. Our dog that we brought home together when we were new and he was teeny. We didn’t realize that we could find another dog that is such a good fit for us so quickly.

We didn’t know that a new dog would be able to remind us so much. To almost sometimes make us forget that we lost our dog. That a rescue dog who lived on the streets could remind us what a puppy is like.

But also make me scared that I will forget our Henry and how special a puppy he was and how wonderful he was for us. But how can I forget and be reminded at the same time.


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