My daughter is an athlete.

When she was a baby we tried a whole bunch of different physical activities in the hopes that a couple might stick and they have. She did gymnastics for years, she loves to swim, she plays soccer every summer. This year she’s doing another Pedalheads bike camp, a musical camp that will have her dancing every day, a basketball camp.

She spends spring and summer days outside biking, running, scootering, playing actively with friends.

Right now it’s like we’ve come out of hibernation.

I love how strong and active she is. It is one of my biggest regrets that I did not find a sport I loved as a child. In gym class I was uncoordinated and awkward, in my personal time I tried and quite ballet and tap at a very young age. I love to swim and bike around the neighbourhood, but I never considered that exercise so much as play, and I stopped doing those things regularly.

It was until I was in my mid 20s that I realized I can enjoy sweating.

I try to be inspired by her strength and love of moving. I am impressed by it, constantly, and I want to be able to do those things with her. I want to help her warm up for soccer, I wanted to shoot baskets with her in the driveway. I want to do these things without getting winded or needing to sit down.

But my daughter is an athlete, and she will escape this things that affect me. She will have movement through her life because she keeps moving now. She’s learned to love it. And I love watching her.

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