My Wee Baby Girl and Our Gramps

Parenting, Personal / Monday, April 29th, 2019

When the Baby Girl was born my Mother and my Gramps were living in Regina and were quite desperate to know what was going on with the baby.

I was at home with my phone and computer and this little girl who had enveloped my heart, and so I started sending them pictures every day. Usually she would do something cute as we settled on the main floor after breakfast and I would forward it along. Sometimes we would video chat with Grandma so she could stare at the little face.

It got to the point that if I hadn’t sent a picture by lunchtime I would hear from my Gramps, who would demand one that he would then print out and take down to the lunch table to show off to his friends.

They moved back to Ottawa when she was two and she really got the chance to know Gramps before he died last year, for which I am forever grateful – especially since they didn’t get to meet until she was six months and already crawling, and he was turning 90.

I had forgotten that years ago my Gramps was an avid emailer. He had more and more trouble with his computers as he got older. But back when she was tiny and he lived far away he would write to her.

That’s right. The emails were addressed to her and would tell her what messages she should pass on to her mother.

“You know, I hope how great it makes us all feel, to see your happy face. It makes us all joyful just to see your laugh Judging by remarks made by some people living in BC, I am not the only one grateful to computers and your parents for giving us the pleasure of seeing you  (don’t let that remark go to your head).”

My lord, I miss him.