Time moves differently in Cuba.

Or at least it felt different. Maybe it was less the fact that I was in Cuba and more the fact that I had no internet access for 23 hours out of the day.

Without internet I managed to fill my days with reading, swimming and movies. I also took naps, listened to music and dance, tried new food. Sometimes I just sat and listened to people talk around me, which is often one of my favourite things to do.

One day I read by the pool for what I thought was a couple of hours after lunch, but suddenly I checked the clock and it was time for dinner.

Being in Cuba for a week made me want to go back to Cuba, to learn more about the country, its people and history. It made me want to take my time more. I love Cuban music, Cuban history, the smell of Cuban cigars, Cubans. Roadside piƱa coladas made fresh in front of you and served in a hollowed out pineapple. Listening to people speak Spanish. Listening to tour guides and entertainers who speak not only Spanish and English, but French and German too, and can easily switch between them.

Swimming in the ocean reminded me that sometimes you have to give up control. You can’t fight the waves, you just have to roll with them, knowing you’ll get back to the beach.

Sometimes when you wake up early it means getting up and taking the opportunity to see sunrise on the beach.

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