When I was in high school I carried around a notebook at all times. Sometimes it was a legal pad, sometimes it was a pad of graph paper, but most often it was a notebook. I still have many of these notebooks. Some are in my office in a drawer, some are in storage in a bin. They contain ramblings, ideas, brainstorming for assignments, game recaps from Ottawa 67’s games.

Many times I would start a new notebook before finishing the last one, so a few of them have blank pages in the middle – though I used front and back. (Sometimes you’re in the middle of something at one end, and you need to start a new page somewhere else).

As an adult, I haven’t done as well with carrying a notebook everywhere, and I have done a really bad job of finishing one notebook before starting another. I have made attempts to have different notebooks for different things. This causes problems when a brainstorm comes and you have the wrong notebook with you.

I now have a notebook for my purse, a notebook specifically for work, that I copy things into and where I keep my to-do lists. I have a bullet journal that I haven’t picked up in months but will try to organize for December.

I have so many blank notebooks calling to me, begging me for that next thought or idea that just demands a new notebook. And in New York I got a trusty little notebook, small enough to go anywhere, and with a loop on the side for a pen or pencil, with the inscription ‘Ideas to be Realized’ on the cover. And so I shall try to fill it too.


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