It’s November and we had a snow day last week and a frostbite advisory today. I’m confused. It feels intensely cold, and I think part of that is that I was so totally unprepared for it this early.

It makes it very difficult to leave the house when you don’t have to. Or get out from under the blankets when you don’t have to. Hibernation seems like a fantastic idea. Especially when there is so much to think about all the time.

Last night, despite the cold, I did leave the house. I went and stood outside for over an hour to pay tribute for the Trans Day of Remembrance. They read out a list of names of trans people who have died around the world in the last year, and everyone in the crowd knew that the list is actually a lot longer when you add all the people who’s identities died with them.

This was followed by a warm up and great conversation with a friend I have had the chance to see in person for a while, and then I met another friend at a drag show – and what better way to honour the LGBTQ community than a fantastic drag show featuring local queens?

But then today I didn’t get out of the house. I didn’t actually get out of my pajamas. I had a bunch of things to do and I kept putting off the shower I wanted to take before I got dressed and it just never happened. And then we ordered pizza for dinner and I took a nap.

It’s easy to blame the weather for what I guess is ennui or malaise. I’m quite desperate for my upcoming vacation and to see whether I will come back with a new view of things. I am hoping that it will kickstart something new. What’s next.

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