I have been watching The Haunting of Hill House.

I was warned that it might be too much. I heard from people that it was too scary. I have not found it that scary – no more than any horror movie, certainly, and most episodes not at all, really.

What I have found is an interesting story well told. I have thoroughly enjoyed the characters I’ve been introduced to and the way the story has been told in past and present. It’s fascinating figuring out how things are all connected, and wondering what the hell is going on.

It’s been an interesting thing to watch as I struggle with my NaNo projects. Steve, the oldest brother, is a writer. He writes about things he doesn’t believe in. He succeeds at it.

This year, for the second year, I am working on a project that I do believe in. I just don’t know where the beginning, middle and end are. The fear that I have is that the story will never really begin to form itself. Although, it might help if I actually just sat down and wrote.

That’s where these blog posts are coming from. I am determined to finish NaBloPoMo and I will write every day about something. Though there are some things I can’t write about, because they are not mine. There are some things that I need help with but I cannot speak it out loud here.

I’m trying to kick start something. Inspiration like Hill House helps.

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