November seems to be disappearing in front of my eyes. It’s rather confusing, because it really feels like it just started, and now it seems like it’s about to be December.

The weather isn’t helping – we’ve had our coldest day and a snow day already.

It also doesn’t help that I’m diving into a busy time, but I also want more.

I want to get all the things done, I want to fall into routine, I want to keep the house clean, get my exercise, cook. There is work to do. I have to pack. In a few weeks I’m going from home to Toronto for work then off to Hawaii.

I’ve never had a beach vacation before. Not where it’s really warm. As much as I love PEI and Nova Scotia, that ocean is cold.

I have no idea what I will do with myself for a week in Hawaii. There will be days of nothing but lying around, feeling the sun, swimming and reading. There will be days of picture taking and exploration. There will be time with myself.

I intend to devour books, capture adventures, take walks. I intend to bask in it as much as I can. I intend to come back restored. More ready to do all the things.


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