Personal / Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Since my last tattoo I have been thinking about my next tattoo. Partly inspired by the woman who did my last two – and Joe’s last one. Partly inspired by my embracing my geekiness.

At the same time that I’ve been designing my next tattoo in my head, I have also been thinking that maybe I’m done getting tattooed.

I have nine at this point. I have one for my grandmother, my grandfather, my father. I have one for my baby girl, one for our puppy and one for my marriage. One that represents my country, and two that represent passion and my history.

What I want, in my brain, is to build a piece of art that makes me happy.

What I do not want is a large amount of pain. My last two tattoos have been small, quick and not too painful, but the two before that were larger, and one was a cover up that was also going over a burn. I almost kicked my artist in the face. (It was an inadvertent reflex, I swear, I’m just glad she didn’t scribble up my leg).

I imagine that in the end my desire for the art will win, and if it does I’m excited to see how all the elements I’m picturing come together.