This morning we took a very long cab right across the Brooklyn Bridge and into the far reaches of the island to visit the New York Aquarium. Had I done my research we would have taken the subway to get there – as it was we only figured out the subway back. The Q train straight the whole way.

It was a rainy day here, but it was never pouring while we were at the aquarium and we got to take in quite a few things. But we spent most of our time just watching the otters.

California sea otters. Two of them in the tank. They seemed to like attention, and would come right up to the glass any time people were watching them. We went to visit, walked around more of the aquarium, watched the sea lion show, and then went right back to watch them some more.

I would actually recommend that everyone spends a bit of time just watching some otters, at least once a week.

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