Some people would walk into my home office and think it’s a bit much.

My mother walked through it this week, newly set up in the new house, and said that anybody walking into that room would learn a few things about me right away.

I have pictures on the walls, two full bookshelves, toys galore. And a bit of family.

Setting up my new office was one of my priorities in the new house, because I work from home, and also because it’s an important space for me. It’s not only where I work, it’s my space. The only space in the house that is mine alone. And time alone is something that I desperately need, as an introvert. Time to be creative and rejuvenate. Time for silence.

I love my daughter and my husband, but neither of them offers much in the way of silence.

Time to do the things I always mean to have time to do. It is full of notebooks and art supplies, books, and my treadmill.

Time to write and blog more as I enter begin adventures and approach 40.

The walls are filled with things that make me happy and reminders of things I have accomplished. There are two desk – one for computing and with with space to use. It is a space entirely of me, for me.

And while there are many things to figure out about this new house – fidgety things that annoy me that we have to find a solution for, boxes that still need to be unpacked, things that still need to be organized – my office is a place where everything is as I want it.

I am very lucky to have this space. I am lucky to work from home and be granted an office that has four walls and a door. (I tried this open office thing, it is not for me). A space where I can put up all sorts of paraphernalia, where I can blast the music that feels right in the moment when I’m trying to get something specific done.

Working from home is not easy at times. There are days when I don’t speak to anyone else except by email. There are days that I feel alone, despite knowing that I am part of a team. There are days when I feel I must be out of the loop.

But most days I will take those feelings over an hour long commute. I will take those feelings with the ability to walk my daughter to school.

I will relish my space for now.



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