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Movin’ on up

July 12th, 2018 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

In one month we take possession of our new house. In one month we will move. One month.

I’ve moved a few times in my life. When I was a kid we moved twice, when I was a young adult I moved cities three times (four if you count my aborted move to Toronto). I moved in with Joe in 2005, and together we’ve moved five times already. But it’s been six years.

And the last time we moved, we moved into a bigger house and bought grown up furniture. We’ve gotten rid of a load of stuff, and there will be more to go, but I am currently decidedly unmotivated in the realm of packing.

There’s time, but there also isn’t time.

I’m still tired and sick after our trip. There is work to be done. Day to day cooking and cleaning. The kid has to get to camp, the dog needs his medication. I have no time. What time I have feels wasted. I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to read, I want to study something, I want to interact with people online. I want to follow the news.

I want to pack boxes. I want to sort items. I want to clean the bathroom. But I don’t. Instead I sit thinking about it, while doing something else. Not always something useful.

Like right now, I’m watching The Avengers and blogging. And taking breaks from blogging to play some freecell. Though I have managed to do some dishes and get a laundry in tonight. And I even did some decent parenting today.

There are a few things that are currently on hold because Joe is away this week. That is currently my excuse. I’m the only parent in the house the next few days, and I need him here to help get stuff listed for sale, sort through things.

I have big boxes of books that I need to re-box so that they are smaller boxes of books, and having to re-pack things when you’ve got so much stuff to pack for the first time is disheartening.

Watching the Hulk smash Loki is less disheartening.

I’m concerned that the move doesn’t feel real yet. The new house is ours, the current house has been sold, closing dates are set. We’ve hired movers, a painter, put down a deposit for a deck to be built at the new place. Money has been exchanged, the garage is full of boxes that we already filled to declutter so we could show the house.

There is so much that seems on hold until we move, and I’ve allowed myself to put all the moving things on hold, while not taking care of any of the other things I could be doing for myself. It’s lunacy.

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