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June 17th, 2018 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

We have two months before we move into our new home, which means a lot of time for thinking about all the things we’ll want to do with the space.

We plan to build a deck in the backyard right away because it’s made such a difference for us in this house. We’re going to paint all the colours that I had to cover over here before we went on the market. I took the kid to the library this weekend and she found a book about bedrooms that she took out so she can get some fun ideas. Her room will be bigger and I’m thrilled that she’ll have real space of her own. That’s what my bedroom always was growing up.

As for me, I get my own space too. The third bedroom will be my office. As much as I have loved the office space I have right now, it’s not just mine. I share it with both the kid and the husband – not all the time, but they left their mark. This new office will be for me.

For me and my books and my supplies, my pictures and collections. I like my office to have a certain amount of whimsy, if you will.

Current office

Of course, sometimes the bedroom, dining room and deck will also serve as my office, since I work from home. But the home office is a very, very important space for me and I want to love every inch of it. I want it to be bright and welcoming, I want it to have all the things that inspire me. I also need things to be organized, accessible. Basically everything has to make sense and if I need something I want to be able to find it.

I also want the space to be somewhere I work, but also somewhere I craft and create. Someplace to do the things I know I haven’t been doing enough of to feed my soul and my brain.

We have so big ideas for things we’ll be doing to this house eventually, but some things, like my office, are going to need to be ready to use right away. I’m looking forward to putting my stamp all over it.


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