In the past three months we’ve lost family members, we’ve both had extended out of town trips, we’ve both got work events that are taking up a lot of time, I’ve had some medical issues that resulted in a diagnosis – finally – of a condition that is pre-cancerous, meaning I have to get scanned every three years, and we decided to sell our house and downsize.

We first discussed moving in a ‘one possibility’ sort of way, and the more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed. Now we’re officially in it, and I know it’s the right decision. We have a house to move to, and it’s lovely. I will be able to walk my daughter to school, when she gets older she can bike. We’ll have stores we can walk to. It will be so good.

But we’ve got two months and a lot of stuff between here and there.

This week we’ve had painters in, and then carpet cleaners. Our garage is full of stuff – stuff we’re keeping and stuff we’re selling at the community garage sale.

To say the past few weeks have bee overwhelming – and that the next two weeks will also be overwhelming – is putting it mildly. And I know that we won’t be back to any kind of normal until after Labour Day, but here we are. Chugging along.

This afternoon I will run/walk a 5k downtown. I know I can and I feel I have to. It’s going to feel good at the end. It’s going to feel good to be with just my brain and my music.

And then tomorrow we clean house. Because when you’re moving the house has to ALWAYS be clean. Apparently it has to look at much as possible like no one live here. This whole staging thing seems like a scam.

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