I’m a bad wife, coming off a rough week. I have also lost the ability to remember what day it is. And that is why I realized only late this afternoon that tomorrow is Joe’s birthday.

But it’s okay, because I have already given him everything he ever wanted.



We started dating shortly before his 26th birthday. Then bam:

Moved in together, got a dog,

got engaged, got married

had a baby

She was adorable.

They bonded

SUDDENLY it was 12 years later.


We own a house. We live in the suburbs and have two cars.

When I met him he was a blue-haired punk rocker with no definite life plans. Now he’s a grey-haired executive with a stereotypical nuclear family. He does the damn grocery shopping.

The man enjoys shovelling the driveway and joined the local community association.

Joe makes up funny voices to make his daughter laugh. He indulges me as I talk to the dog, even though the dog is him. He makes the coffee and lets me sleep in.

He makes me feel safe. He gives good hugs. He reaches for my hand.

We fell in love, I think, because we have the same passions. Since then we’ve added one more. She turned 8 a little while ago.

I had no idea what March 27, 2005 would bring for us. I certainly have no idea what the next 38 years of our lives look like. I can’t even remember what day it is.

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