I never planned on getting married. My parents split up when I was 3 and as I aged I watched more and more friends experience the same thing. It didn’t seem worth it. And as I got older it didn’t seem likely I would find someone who even wanted to marry me.

But as with much of my young adulthood, I made plans and plans changed.

At 23 I decided to go back to school after discovering my dream job was not. Joe and I met, became friends, kissed and that was that. Before I knew it he became not only a boyfriend, but a man I was quite desperate to marry. Even before the moving in together and getting a dog.

He became the man who made me want to be married. He became the man who made me want to be a mother. The man who made me a mother, even though I did most of the production work.

Life has became harder since those first days. Instead of weekends sleeping in and going for late breakfasts before a good afternoon nap we have things to do. We have a daughter who needs to be taken care of, we have a house that needs to be taken care of, we have careers. We have bigger concerns than we had before.

And yet.

Even 13 years after that one kiss that changed it all, he is the man I need by my side. When things are hard – and right now things are hard – he is the one I want there to catch me. He is the centre of my family. It’s not just me who relies on him, and he accepts that without complaint. His is the shoulder I cry on. His is the name I call. He is the one I collapse into.


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