I left the house early this morning, which is rare since I work from home. I had a meeting downtown and my husband was staying home with the kid for her PD Day off from school. I got up, got dressed, and went in to say goodbye to her. I won’t see her until late this afternoon after she has some adventures with friends.

She got up quickly to give me a hug – someday she’ll stop giving me such frequent hugs – and told me she loved me. And then as I walked away towards the stairs she elaborated. She not only loves me, she loves me more.

She loves me the most, and Daddy, and Henry and her teddy. And herself.

But mostly herself – “Because I am me.”

And so I will take a moment to bask in that. That my daughter loves herself the most.

It’s been a dark, soul-churning week, but I have a little bright light.

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