Some of the things I most vividly remember from my childhood are the trips. I remember driving across the country to visit PEI – five of us and my grandmother falling asleep on me in the backseat. I remember my mom taking my sister and me to Toronto. I remember two cottages that my grandparents took us to. I remember flying to a family reunion in Regina – my first plane ride (except for one when I was a baby that I don’t recall).

In the name of those kinds of memories the kid has had a lot of adventures in her life. We’ve been on trips across the Canada – BC, Saskatchewan. We went to Quebec City this summer. When she was younger we did a girls trip to PEI with Grandma and her Auntie, then the next year to Nova Scotia. We’ve done road trips to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania and to Washington, DC.

We do a lot of great stuff around home, but I know there’s something special about packing a bag and heading off to explore somewhere new.

The kid was rather jealous when I planned my trip to New York in November. We have raised her well, and so she loves a good Broadway show as much as I do. She was especially upset that I was seeing Hello Dolly. I showed her the movie – the Barbra Streisand version that my own mother introduced me to as a child – and she was entranced.

I mean, who’s not entranced by Babs, Walter Matthau and Tommy Tune?

And so this week when I got an email about tickets for Hello Dolly – now starring the inimitable Ms. Bernadette Peters – for under $40 the same day we got our rebate back for the electric car we bought (Ford C-Max, awesome drive) an idea started brewing.

And so, off we go on a train to New York City for one short day (broadway reference)…

Now that I’ve been there myself, I know that I will be comfortable alone with her. I know how the city is organized and that I can find my way around. I know where our hotel is, where the train station is and where the theatre is, and I also know that there are restaurants she will be happy to eat in and exploring we can do (Lego Store, Disney Store, M&M’s World).

I might be almost as excited as she is. I mean, she gets to go to New York City for the first time, but I get to go back and I get to see it through her eyes. The greatest city in the world.


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