I’m building up a slow burn. My rage is levelling and I need to place it somewhere. Right now I feel very much all talk and no action, and I need action.

I’m tired of domestic violence not being taken seriously – of abusers murdering innocent children because the women they felt they owned decided enough was enough. I’m tired of white men who violate women being treated with such concern for their futures while the women are destroyed, blamed, left without support. Of men having their behaviour excused while women’s behaviour is treated as the cause.

(And we can talk about the racialized people who are swiftly punished for things that white people can blog about freely).

I’m tired of a woman who is not President being questioned for being friends with a man accused of assaulting women when the actual President has himself admitted to assault. On tape. Proudly.

I am a woman with privilege and action is required.

I say no to the men who believe that they have rights to women’s bodies. I say no to women who belittle the experiences of others. I say no to men being applauded for doing the absolute minimum while women are punished for being victims.

I will be spending my time and my money supporting women in 2018. I will make my anger useful.

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