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It’s all Golden

January 8th, 2018 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Issues

Awards show night on Twitter is my favourite. I mean, I always watch the shows and I used to just talk to the TV or my sister, but now I get to say my thoughts out into the ether and have people talk back.

I wasn’t sure I would watch this year’s Golden Globe, which is usually my favourite – TV and movies together, usually more relaxed and funny than the other shows.

It’s been a rough year. A lot of shit has gone down. It’s been very bad for women, for people of colour, for immigrants, for LGBTQ2 folks, for those living in poverty. As someone who is passionate and wants to see fairness and equity in our world – and the world her daughter will grow up in – it’s been hard.

But I know it has not been as hard for me as it has been for all of the other people on that list. I am privileged in many ways, not the least of which is being born white and middle class in Canada.

I decided to watch the Golden Globes because I knew that there is a movement growing in Hollywood, and that those women have the power to help us all. So I watched, and I felt empowered.

Every single woman who go up on that stage made a statement of some sort – from offhand remarks like Natalie Portman’s to great speeches like Oprah’s.

It felt really good to be a woman watching those women say enough is enough.

Because it is. It’s time. It’s enough. No more of this bullshit.

The work is exhausting, and many, many women have already been doing it for years, they need help and it is time.

Watch this speech.

Go see Lady Bird. Support women directors. Ask questions and demand answers. Why does Big Bang Theory have to make sexist jokes? Why does the Chrissy Metz’s This Is Us storyline have to be about her weight? Why do the Amazon costumes designed by a woman look so much different from the ones designed by a man?


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