New Year’s Eve for me is a day of tidying. I tidy the house, I take care of myself a bit, I plan a bit, I make sure the family calendar is up to date. This year I am laying out a plan. I need to figure out the best way to get through my days, get things done, feel good.

I know that there are changes I have to make, I know that I can’t make a bunch of big changes all at once.

But I have to challenge myself. I haven’t been doing that and I have to, or I won’t get anywhere. I tend to succeed when I make things hard on myself.

Though 2017 I’ve tried to re-set a big every month, and I’ll do that this year as well, and January is the beginning.

I have to stay organized this year because things are going to be busy. Things are always busy. There will be difficult things to deal with. There will be surprise expenses and scheduling conflicts. There always are.

We can’t wait for ‘when things slow down’ or ‘when things get back to normal.’

There is no normal. There is only wheels spinning, continuously. There is us, supporting each other, trying to keep up.

By the end of the year I hope to have read another 50+ books, I hope to have gained strength, agility and speed after one 5k race, one 8k in a kilt, and two 10k races. I hope to be sleeping better, and better able to fuel myself. I hope to have less pain and less worry – or at least be better able to handle my worries. I hope to have raised my voice louder.

I know I will have learned a lot, made new friends, lost some things. I don’t expect any of it to be easy, but I do want to accept the difficulty a bit better.

I’m going to work through my to do list, try and keep up, make every day a new chance to get it right. Here we go.

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