My friend Lynn (did you know she wrote a book?) posted a little tour of her family Christmas tree and I thought it was a lovely idea. Our tree, whose name, apparently, is Bob, according to the kid, is pretty awesome.

When I was a kid, my mother would get us each a new ornament every year, so my sister and I still have all of those that we put up, plus the kid now gets one too. Our tree is quite a mix of old and new and I love everything about it.

Most of my sister’s ornaments were angels, mine are quite a mix of things, and the kid’s ornaments are all of her favourite things from each year. Joe adds in ornaments that his grandmother made for him through the first years of his life.

For our first Christmases, my mother did a cross-stitch stocking for each of us, and both are currently hanging in our tree. Mine is pink, though my sister’s is red. I have a couple of other ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ ornaments, but this one is special for obvious reasons.

The kid also has a couple from her first Christmas, which was a bit weird because we thought her first Christmas would be as a newborn in 2009 but it turned out to be in 2010. The one I think she will cherish the most is one made especially for her by an Auntie.

Our tree is heavily populated with Muppets. I had a couple of my own ornaments from childhood (a Miss Piggy angel with a broken wing and my friend Kermit here), and then Joe and I bought Statler and Waldorf for one of our first Christmases together. Sadly their battery is dead, but they do shout insults from the tree.

When we got married, my mother gifted us with a bride and groom – Pez dispensers rather than something fancier, which is awesome and a better representation of our marriage, I think.

Last year for her ornament the kid chose this little one of Belle, reading. It’s pretty perfect because the kid has chosen Belle as her favourite Disney princess “because she loves reading.”


One of my favourite ornaments from my childhood still holds a proud place on our tree every year. He is a tiny Jack Frost, painting the windows with snow.I don’t know whether I chose him or my mother did, I don’t even know what year he comes from. I don’t know what it is I like about him so much, except that he’s been on every Christmas tree I remember. He’s a little bit about magic, he’s a little bit about the weather I will always associate with Christmas.

There are a lot (a LOT) more ornaments on our tree. They represent the past, the things we’ve loved, who we are and who we’ve been. It’s not one of those fancy trees you’d see in a magazine, but that’s not who I am either.

It’s a bit of a mess, but so is life. And it’s beautiful.

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