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It’s Christmas, all over

December 24th, 2017 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Today is Christmas Eve, which is weird because it feels like December just started, and I’m not actually sure what happened to November. But overall we’ve been doing Christmas well, I think. We’ve packed a lot of great stuff in.

The kid and I had a night together when I took her out to see the movie Coco, and then for dessert followed by a trip through the lights at Wesley Clover. (Pretty freaking cool). We spent a night at the Brookstreet, swam and played games.

We picked out a wonderful tree from the Royal Ottawa, which is a great cause to support every year.


We’ve done quite a bit of baking. Cookies and my mom’s fudge, and I passed on the tradition of letting my daughter lick the spoon.

All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.

Yesterday we spent the morning in the snow, and I took pictures while my family skated in front of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. Then the kid got some quality time with her Auntie while Joe and I snuck off to see Star Wars and have dinner.

Right now I feel at peace. Happy.

Yesterday was a really nice day, today will be a good day, and tomorrow we will visit my Gramps and have a Christmas dinner with him. This time last year I never thought that would be happening. And our puppy is still with us, which I wasn’t sure would happen either.

This year has been quite something. The world hasn’t exploded yet, which is good. I finally got to see New York City and I experience some Broadway shows that were once in a lifetime. I will never forget them. I’ve become more and more appreciative of the friends I’ve made. All these fantastic women I met through Twitter. Women I don’t necessarily get to see in person very much, but who I can interact with and who offer kindness and support and laughs.

I have some priorities for the new year. I have signed up for two 10k walk/runs so far and may add in an 8k, so that’s going to take some preparation. I need to find a physiotherapist who can make sure I get there. I’m also planning to open myself up to more fun, give myself time for the things I enjoy doing.

I learned a few lessons at the end of 2017 that I’m going to put to good use in 2018. I’m planning to spend 2018 being honest, open and brave.┬áIt serves me well.

I’m going to relish this year.


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