We had a hiccup today. Halloween went swimmingly, the whole family had fun and I made the night for three kids who didn’t think anyone would get their costumes (One Cousin Itt and Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin). The kid even got to bed basically on time and fell asleep quickly after all the excitement (and a small amount of sugar).

It was a different story this morning though. I had trouble waking up and the kid had a lot of trouble waking up. When there was some confusion about timing and getting dressed she lost it. We still made it to the bus stop on time, and as the bus came around the corner she turned right around to me and yelled, her faced full of tears, “I just can’t!” before wrapping her arms around me.

I waved the bus driver off and took her home to pick up a few pieces. I gave her the rules for the day and went to work while she did some homework, some word games and played with her Globe.

I told her that I had an errand to run for work and she would have to come with me. And so she did, without complaint, even though the Legion still had a life-sized Michael Myers figure from their Halloween party out and she didn’t want to go near it, or take her eyes off it in case it started moving.

Then I knew that she needed new winter boots, so we stopped on the way home to find some while stores still have her size in stock. And that’s when I made a decision.

We were going to play a little hooky.

There is a new little spa on the way home and they have something called a mini manicure. We were going to treat ourselves. Because it was that kind of day. Because I kept thinking it was almost the weekend, but in reality it’s only Wednesday. Because I have been irked lately.

Because my nails were getting too long.

Because a girl just needs time with her mama sometimes.

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