The Political and The Self

Canadiana, Issues

I read a snippet of a column this morning written by a well-known, and apparently still widely read, Globe and Mail columnist. This snippet was from a column about public perception of Jason Kenney, former federal minister and newly elected leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta. The UCP. Reminiscent of the CRAP. (The […]

October 31, 2017

All Dressed Up


I have always been creative, but I have never been good at Halloween. As a little kid I was, of course, always excited for the dressing up and the candy. I lived in a neighbourhood full of young families, so everyone took part. It was one of my father’s favourite times of the year, and […]

October 28, 2017

1,013 Narwhals


We had a good baby. She did all the baby things as she was supposed to – a cycle of sleeping and eating and pooping for the first few weeks. Gradually the cycle got longer and there was babbling and play time thrown in. She was a good baby. And when she was a baby […]

October 27, 2017

Best Buddy


Just about 12 years ago I met a very special guy. I knew pretty quickly that we were meant to be together. We even slept together before we’d known each other a full 24 hours. Now I can’t nap without him. Originally Joe and I talked about getting a bunny. A cat was out of […]

October 26, 2017

Once Daily

Learning, Personal

I’ve been trying to get this bullet journal thing down. I love having to-do lists, and when I did a weekly list in university I was usually very successful in getting things done. In theory a bullet journal is just extending my weekly lists into monthly lists. I have also learned a lot about the […]

October 25, 2017

Moi, j’aime bien sur lire

Canadiana, Parenting

The kid is in immersion, just like I was at her age. She started with a bit of French in kindergarten and now she spends half her days immersed in an entirely new language. We weren’t at all worried about this, since she loves learning and she’s still young enough to catch on quickly. In […]

October 24, 2017

Exploring Science and Tech

Ottawa, Parenting

I grew up in Ottawa and I have vivid memories of visiting all the city’s museum – and since we’re the capital we get a few. Science and Technology was one of my favourites – the trains, the crazy kitchen – and I took my kid there a couple of times before the museum had […]

October 23, 2017

Passion and Poetry, and Grace Too

Canadiana, Personal

I will not claim to be the biggest Hip fan in Canada, or even in Ottawa. I never saw the band in concert. I knew them. I knew their songs, but I didn’t own all their albums. Only a few. But I loved their songs. You could hear it on the radio and instantly recognize […]

October 18, 2017

The Greatest City in the World


I saw my first musical in 1989. My mother took my sister and me on a rare trip with just the three of us. Three days in Toronto, and on the first night Phantom of the Opera. We sat in the third row and when that chandelier came down it was right above our heads […]

October 16, 2017

More than 140

Issues, Personal, Women's Issues

Like most people, I was confused when I first started using Twitter. It seemed ridiculous, communicating in short bursts like that. I didn’t even really text at the time. Very quickly I figured out that Twitter was a place I needed to be as someone who was working monitoring the media. The Parliamentary Press Gallery […]

October 13, 2017