1. Gelly Roll gel pens – Historically I have not been a huge fan of gel pens. In my pen snobbery I find them less than reliable. However, I purchased a few Gelly Roll pens based on seeing the creative work of others, and have since bought many more because I love them. I love doodling with them, I love the colours. I love the smooth way they roll onto the paper of my notebook. Every night I open a blank page and I start my bit of  creativity and lately these pens are all I’ve been using. 
  2. Joe Clark. I went to see a play about him this weekend with my mother and sister. He was Canada’s 16th Prime Minister (that number seems low, but that’s because we don’t have term limits and two guys took up a whole chunk of time during our history). I’ve seen Mr. Clark speak and I’ve gotten the chance to shake his hand. He’s a kind man, a man of integrity. A man with a fantastic wife
  3. Broadchurch. I started watching this show because I will watch anything David Tennant does, but after the first season and it’s hard topics, I came back for Olivia Colman. She’s a force. Also David Tennant’s natural accent. But really. Season three also has Julie Hesmondhalgh, who I knew I recognized but I had to look her up before I realized it was from Coronation Street.
  4. Allison Janney. Seriously. We’re watching her on West Wing, I’ve watched her on Mom, she was nominated for a Tony for her role in the musical 9 to 5 and during the break from filming Mom this summer she’s starring on Broadway in Six Degrees of Separation. She is just outstanding.

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