I got a job. It’s a good job. A job that I wanted very much when I applied for it. A job that allows me to work with some great bosses who will mentor me in great ways. A job that will give me more experience doing the work that I have become quite fond of, and all for a good purpose.

With this job comes more than just career and learning opportunities, the opportunity to effect change in a tangible way. This jobĀ comes with the opportunity to work from home, be here for my daughter, somewhat set my own schedule. It allows me to skip the commute and spend that time doing better things for myself. Like get ready for the 10k I’m supposed to be walking later this year. It gives me the opportunity to walk my dog, take my daughter to the park, read great books.

Sometimes I’ll take my laptop out to the balcony and work in the fresh air. Sometimes I’ll get on the treadmill in my office while I try to think something through. Sometimes I’ll take a quick break from work to run downstairs and get dinner going. Sometimes I’ll take my laptop down to the locally-owned coffee shop for a change of scenery.

And sometimes I’ll have to work late while I try to finish an important project, but I’ll be in the house where my daughter can sneak in to say a quick goodnight. I’ll be here when she needs a sick day, and I won’t have to take the day off. Or when the weather is crappy and the buses are cancelled.

I can be here when she needs me. If the school calls in the middle of the day, I’ll be minutes away.

And I’ll still be working, loving my job, being challenged, modellingĀ all of that great stuff for her too.

I’m tentative, because I can hardly believe my luck right now. I also have to remind myself that it’s not luck. I earned this job. I was hard for my strengths. These people chose me, and I chose them back.


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