There was a sea change last week. I felt it coming on. I felt it. I felt good.

I took a step back. I spent some time being quiet. I checked things off my lists. I went out and saw friends and talked about things that matter to me. I wrote. I did art. I did work on the projects I have to work on. I cleaned. I did some cooking. I got dressed up and felt great. I reminded myself that there are people out there who like me, and I like them. I laughed. I played board games with my kid. I took her on an adventure.

The weather was iffy this week – one day freezing, the next day gorgeous, and then we had snow, rain and sleet all at once. Even so, I took an opportunity to sit in the sun with my coffee and my dog. Just sit and feel the warmth and the breeze.

Something about this week made me feel good about myself. Something made me optimistic and happy.

I want a job. I want work, I want a salary and the opportunity to use my skills daily. But right now I have opportunity. I’m learning. I’m building on the skills I already have. I have time, I’m using it.

Moving on and moving up.

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