We spent part of the March break at Montebello, which was my idea. I took the kid there once before and we rather enjoyed ourselves, and I thought it a great place to get away, but not too far away.

Turns out Montebello is quite popular during March break, and they appreciate the business so much that they plan activities around the break week. I knew we would spend time at the pool, and probably in the games room and the bounce house they set up, and I hoped to hang out fire-side for a while (which we did, with board games and tasty drinks and snacks). I didn’t plan on the skating, curling or dog sled ride.

Enough activity that we could do it all again next year and not get bored. And even add things on like skiing or snowshoeing, because they’ve got all the stuff there for you to borrow. And even invite other families members to join us, because the place is big and there’s stuff for everyone. Even my mom who would probably sit by the fire and read.

And also partake of the spa.

Kid’s a natural

In fact, we did all of the above on our one full day there. And also had a delicious breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast buffet: Maple crepes. No more needs to be said on the subject.

And not only was it a lovely getaway just the three of us, and not only was it relaxing, and not only was it fun and activity-filled enough for the little one… I also got the opportunity to remind myself of a few things I love.

I love being outdoors. I went for a bit of a walk and felt the cold air and smelled the campfires and took a bit of care. I am perfectly able to exercise. We went swimming twice, and walked around and took part in activities and I was fine. Tired, but in the best way. Tired because I had done things with my body.

That I do enjoy spending time with my kid – with my family – and interacting and having a bit of fun.

This is not a sponsored post for Montebello, but we did have a wonderful time, I do recommend it, and if they want to sponsor a stay in the future I would be totally on board with that. Just FYI.

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