We spent the first few days of March break out at Chateau Montebello – I will probably write more about that later. There were many activities, some regular and some special for spring break. (Ha. Spring. We had 20+ cm of snow in our driveway when we got back).

We were only there for one full day, but we packed it full, starting with a great breakfast followed by hanging out with my kid and some sled dogs.

It was a lot of fun. First watching the dogs who clearly loved the run – they barked and howled when they weren’t running and rolled in the snow when they were done. We snuggled in to the sled and off they went, following two other sleds, merrily on their way.

It was an odd experience. A man behind us and seven dogs, pulling us along. Nothing we could do but trust the man, trust the dogs and enjoy the ride. Bumps and all. (And there were bumps, we got air at some point).

The kid laughed the whole way – unbelievable giggles the whole way – except for when she screamed with delight. When that happened the man behind us couldn’t help but laugh too.

And I sat back, trusting we would stay on the trail, stay safely away from trees, land softly. Trusting the dogs, and laughing along.


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