So I’ve been updating my website (Hi beautiful, simple new website!) and that has meant going through old posts and adding feature images because this particular WordPress template likes featured images – and also this is something I should have been doing all along, and not only because it would have saved me this particular headache.

I’ve been updating my website because the business side of me is coming here too now. Something I probably should have done in the first place since Amy Boughner is who I am everywhere else (because that’s actually who I am). If you know anyone that needs to do something political but doesn’t know where to start, send them my way…

This also means that there will be some more political/issues based posts up here. It’s what I’m most passionate about and sometimes you have to write. I also want to raise awareness (and maybe a bit of caring) of things I think people should really be paying attention to, even though it’s hard and can be time consuming.

But I digress…

Adding all these featured images to posts has led me back through the path that was 2016. The trials and tribulations, some triumphs. All the way back to the promises I made myself about what I would do and who I would be when 2016 ended.

So far in 2017, I have found that I am much more about who I will let myself not be.

I am giving up the idea of sewing fantastic dresses and costumes for my daughter. It’s time consuming and I don’t enjoy it. I’m giving up the idea of roller derby – Skates hurt my feet, and I don’t enjoy it.

There are many things I do enjoy and I can use my time doing those things rather than trying to do things that I don’t. I spent a weekend reminding myself how great being creative feels. I took a knitting class in the new year to remind myself how much I miss doing that. I took up cross stitch and it’s more fun than sewing (and faster too).

I’m going to read all the things. I’m going to walk the neighbourhood. I’m going to sit in the bright sunshine.

I’d like to think that at the end of this year I won’t be disappoint going back over what I’ve done or not done. I’d like to think that but, as I’ve found out over the past two years, you never can tell what’s going to happen. The road curves.

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