I spent the weekend in a rustic location surrounded by trees and women. The campfire was always roaring, the coffee was always on. Three days we spent chatting and laughing and crying and being creative. And dancing and singing. And that was all okay.

Every now and then you need a reminder that there are, in fact, other people like you. Going through struggles, experiencing emotions. Feeling lost.

And I came home feeling tired, thoughtful and woke up this morning feeling peaceful.

Granted, I slept for a good 10 hours, but still. There was a calmness that I don’t remember feeling for a long time. It was family day and Joe left on a business trip, so as I sat calmly I tried to figure out what to do with this kid to keep her entertained.

It turned out it was enough to sit in the sunshine and talk and laugh, sit down for a meal together, play with some paints and listen to music. Just be together talking, laughing, dancing.

Today was nice. Just perfectly nice. The weather was a good reminder that spring is on its way. The activities were a reminder that art and music can make your soul shine. That she and I are good together, and she doesn’t need anything from me but me. 

This weekend was a great reminder that sometimes you have to just dive in. Just start. Because if you don’t you never will. All these things I should, should, should, are worthless to me if I don’t.

The weekend chats also told me that there were more things I need to teach my daughter – the only rules are 1) we want to see you happy and 2) you can talk to us about anything.


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