I have been very lucky in my life to know a lot of great women. I have been particularly lucky in my adult life to meet a lot of passionate women. I have had the chance to watch them grow and build something for themselves. I know a lot of entrepreneurial women who found their perfect thing that they love doing and are good at.

Sometimes it feels as though everyone I know has figured out what to do with their passion and I’m just here, trying to stay passionate.

But when I said as much on Facebook I got a thoughtful reply from one friend who has been going through a similar journey to mine over the past couple of years.
So what if I redefine my passion and look for my purpose. And subsequently look for purpose in everything I do.
Sometimes the purpose of a thing is going to feel unsatisfying, but the thing itself will be necessary.
The fact is that I know what I’m passionate about. I am passionate about writing. I always have been. I can so easily lose myself in books or in my own words. I have known for years that whatever career or job I ended up in would have to require a good deal of writing.
My purpose is much more difficult. I have an easy answer – I take care of my family. I mother. That, day to day, is my purpose. There might be none greater.
But there is a greater purpose for me, somewhere. And I don’t know what that is.
Since I took my first ever job I have known that I love working. I love learning and using my brain and creating. I love being part of a team. To spend the day thinking, and trying to find answers and create solutions. To pass along information necessary for the best decisions.
To be of use. To create focus. To be a part of something greater. That is my purpose.
And more.
There are so many things I could be doing better. That I will try to do better, improve, approach differently in 2017. I respect the new year as a place of new beginnings. New focus, an attempt at new priorities. Like Jenny says, to focus on contentment.
2017 will be the year I put my mask on first.

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