In 2017 I need to change. Me. My brain needs re-jigging. My body. My life a bit too.

So many things not worth thinking about or getting upset over. Wasted energy, brain power. Wasted stress. Wasted time. Wasted health.

Mood swings and exhaustion and tears.

So 2017 and I have some figuring out to do.

Perhaps in the future 2017 will be known as the year Amy stopped letting shit get to her. No more of this getting so stressed out I’m in physical pain. Especially because I’m scared of the reactions of people that have nothing to do with me.

I’m turning 36 this year. I’m old enough to know better and also too old to deal with some of this shit. Also old enough to know that I don’t have to. I can have standards for the way I’m treated and I can enforce them.

Good enough, smart enough, strong enough, skilled enough, etc.

Because at 35, almost 36 I have a better grasp of what’s actually important.



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